Program Title SAMPLE PLANS
Accounting B.S
Agricultural Business B.S.
Agricultural Communication B.S.
Agricultural Education B.S.
Agricultural Systems Management B.S.
Agronomy B.S.
Animal Science B.S.
Applied Agricultural Communication Studies B.S.
Applied Health B.S.
Applied Studies B.S.
Biology B.S.
Communication B.S.
Criminal Justice B.S.
Early Childhood Education B.S.
Elementary Education B.S.
English B.S.
English Education B.S.
Environmental Sciences B.S.
Equine Business Management B.S.
Equine Science B.S.
Exercise Science and Wellness B.S.
Finance B.S.
Golf and Sports Turf Management B.S.
Health Management B.S.
Health Sciences Pre-Professional B.S.
Health Services Executive B.S.
Horticulture B.S.
Information Technology Management B.S.
Management B.S.
Manufacturing Management B.M.M.
Marketing B.S.
Medical Laboratory Science B.S.
Natural Resources B.S.
Quality Management B.M.M.
Software Engineering B.S.
Sport and Recreation Management B.S.