Campus: Crookston
Accounting B.S
Agricultural Business B.S.
Agricultural Communication B.S.
Agricultural Education B.S.
Agricultural Systems Management B.S.
Agronomy B.S.
Animal Science B.S.
Applied Agricultural Communication Studies B.S.
Applied Studies B.S.
Biology B.S.
Communication B.S.
Criminal Justice B.S.
Early Childhood Education B.S.
Elementary Education B.S.
English Education B.S.
English B.S.
Environmental Sciences B.S.
Equine Business Management B.S.
Equine Science B.S.
Exercise Science and Wellness B.S.
Finance B.S.
Golf and Sports Turf Management B.S.
Health Management B.S.
Health Sciences Pre-Professional B.S.
Health Services Executive B.S.
Horticulture B.S.
Information Technology Management B.S.
Management B.S.
Manufacturing Management B.M.M.
Marketing B.S.
Medical Laboratory Science B.S.
Natural Resources B.S.
Quality Management B.M.M.
Software Engineering B.S.
Sport and Recreation Management B.S.
Applied Health B.S.
Campus: Duluth
Theatre B.F.A.
International Studies B.A.
Political Science B.A.
History B.A.
American Indian Studies B.A.
Anthropology B.A.
Art B.A.
Art Education B.F.A.
Art History B.A.
Arts Administration B.A.
Chinese Area Studies B.A.
Cognitive Science B.A.
Communication B.A.
Criminology B.A.
Cultural Entrepreneurship B.A.
English B.A.
Environment, Sustainability & Geography B.A.
French Studies B.A.
Geographic Information Science B.S.
German Studies B.A.
Graphic Design B.F.A.
Interdisciplinary Studies B.A.
Jazz Studies B.Mus.
Journalism B.A.
Linguistics B.S.
Music B.A.
Music Education B.Mus.
Music Performance B.Mus.
Philosophy B.A.
Sociology B.A.
Spanish Studies B.A.
Studio Art B.F.A.
Theatre B.A.
Theory and Composition B.Mus.
Tribal Administration and Governance B.A.
Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies B.A.
Writing Studies B.A.
Childhood Nature Studies B.A.Sc.
Communication Sciences and Disorders B.A.Sc.
Environmental and Outdoor Education B.A.Sc.
Exercise & Rehabilitation Sciences B.A.Sc.
Health and Physical Education B.A.Sc
Individual Integrated B.I.S.
Integrated Elementary and Special Education B.A.Sc.
Physical Education B.A.Sc.
Psychology B.A.Sc.
Public Health B.A.Sc.
Social Work B.S.W.
Teaching Communication Arts & Literature B.A.A.
Teaching Mathematics B.A.Sc.
Teaching Physical Sciences B.A.Sc. (Chemistry or Physics)
Teaching Social Studies B.A.A.
Teaching Spanish B.A.A
Economics B.B.A.
Accounting B.Acc.
Business Analytics B.B.A.
Consumer Insights and Analytics B.B.A.
Economics B.A.
Entrepreneurship B.B.A.
Finance B.B.A.
Financial Markets Finance B.B.A.
Financial Planning B.B.A.
Health Care Management B.B.A.
Human Resources Management B.B.A.
Management B.B.A.
Management Information Systems B.B.A.
Marketing and Graphic Design B.B.A.
Marketing B.B.A.
Professional Sales B.B.A.
Risk Management and Insurance B.B.A
Biochemistry B.A.
Biochemistry B.S.
Biology B.A.
Biology B.S.
Chemical Engineering B.S.Ch.E.
Chemistry B.A.
Chemistry B.S.
Civil Engineering B.S.C.E.
Computer Science B.A.
Computer Science B.S.
Earth & Environmental Science B.A.
Earth & Environmental Science B.S.
Electrical Engineering B.S.E.E.
Engineering Physics B.S.E.P.
Environmental Science B.S.
Geological Sciences B.A.
Geological Sciences B.S.
Industrial Engineering B.S.I.E.
Mathematics B.S.
Mechanical Engineering B.S.M.E.
Physics B.A.
Physics B.S.
Statistics and Actuarial Science B.S.
Teaching Earth & Space Science B.A.Sc.
Teaching Life Science B.A.Sc.
Teaching French B.A.A.
Teaching German B.A.A.
Campus: Morris
Latin American Area Studies B.A.
Environmental Studies B.A.
Native American and Indigenous Studies B.A.
Elementary Education B.A.
Sport Management B.A.
Art History B.A.
Communication, Media, and Rhetoric B.A.
English B.A.
French B.A.
German Studies B.A.
Medieval and Ancient Studies B.A.
Music B.A.
Philosophy B.A.
Spanish B.A.
Studio Art B.A.
Theatre Arts B.A.
Biology B.A.
Chemistry B.A.
Computer Science B.A.
Environmental Science B.A.
Geology B.A.
Mathematics B.A.
Physics B.A.
Statistics B.A.
Anthropology B.A.
Business and Management B.A.
Economics B.A.
Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies B.A.
History B.A.
Human Services B.A.
Political Science B.A.
Psychology B.A.
Sociology B.A.
Campus: Rochester
Health Professions B.S.
Health Sciences B.S.
Nursing B.S.N.
Campus: Twin Cities
Biology B.S.
Cellular and Organismal Physiology B.S.
Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior B.S.
Genetics, Cell Biology, and Development B.S.
Microbiology B.S.
Neuroscience B.S.
Plant and Microbial Biology B.S.
Construction Management B.A.Sc.
Health and Wellbeing Sciences B.S.
Health Services Management B.A.Sc.
Information Technology Infrastructure B.A.Sc.
Inter-College Program B.A.
Inter-College Program B.S.
Multidisciplinary Studies B.A.
Multidisciplinary Studies B.S.
Apparel Design B.S.
Architecture B.D.A.
Architecture B.S.
Bachelor of Landscape Architecture
Graphic Design B.F.A.
Interior Design B.S.
Landscape Design and Planning B.E.D.
Product Design
Retail Merchandising B.S.
Business and Marketing Education B.S.
Early Childhood B.S.
Elementary Education: Foundations B.S.
Family Social Science B.S.
Human Resource Development B.S.
Integrated Degree Program B.S.
Kinesiology B.S.
Physical Activity and Health Promotion B.S.
Special Education B.S.
Sport Management B.S.
Youth Studies B.S.
Agricultural and Food Business Management B.S.
Agricultural Communication and Marketing B.S.
Agricultural Education B.S.
Animal Science B.S.
Applied Economics B.S.
Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management B.S.
Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology B.S.
Food Science B.S.
Forest and Natural Resource Management B.S.
Nutrition B.S.
Plant Science B.S.
Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems B.S.
Sustainable Systems Management B.S.
Acting B.F.A.
African American and African Studies B.A.
American Indian Studies B.A.
American Studies B.A.
Anthropology B.A.
Art B.A.
Art History B.A.
Asian and Middle Eastern Studies B.A.
Astrophysics B.A.
Bachelor of Individualized Studies B.I.S.
Biology, Society, and Environment B.A.
Chemistry B.A.
Chicano-Latino Studies B.A.
Classical and Near Eastern Religions and Cultures B.A.
Communication Studies B.A.
Computer Science B.A.
Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature B.A.
Dakota Language B.A.
Dance B.A.
Dance B.F.A.
Developmental Psychology
Developmental Phychology B.S.
Earth Sciences B.A.
Economics - Quantitative Emphasis B.A.
Economics B.A.
Economics B.S.
English B.A.
Environmental Geosciences BA
French and Italian Studies B.A.
French Studies B.A.
Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies B.A.
Geography B.A.
Geography B.S.
German, Scandinavian, Dutch B.A.
Global Studies B.A.
History B.A.
Human Physiology B.A.
Individually Designed Interdepartmental B.A.
Italian Studies B.A.
Jewish Studies B.A.
Journalism B.A.
Mathematics B.A.
Music B. Mus.
Music B.A.
Music Education B. Mus
Music Therapy B. Mus.
Ojibwe Language B.A.
Philosophy B.A.
Physics B.A.
Political Science B.A.
Psychology B.S.
Religious Studies B.A.
Russian B.A.
Sociology B.S.
Sociology of Law, Criminology, and Justice B. S.
Sociology of Law, Criminology, and Justice B.A.
Spanish and Portuguese Studies B.A.
Spanish Studies B.A.
Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences B.A.
Statistical Practice B.A.
Statistical Science B.S.
Strategic Communication: Advertising and Public Relations B.A.
Studies in Cinema and Media Culture B.A.
Technical Writing and Communication B.S.
Theatre Arts B.A.
Urban Studies B.A.
Medical Laboratory Sciences B.S.
Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics B.A.E.M.
Astrophysics B.S.Astrop.
Biomedical Engineering B.Bm.E.
Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering B.B.B.E.
Chemical Engineering B.Ch.E.
Chemistry B.S.Chem.
Civil Engineering B.C.E.
Computer Engineering B.Comp.E.
Computer Science B.S. Comp.Sc.
Data Science B S D S
Earth Sciences B.S. Earth Sciences
Electrical Engineering B.E.E.
Environmental Engineering B.Env.E
Environmental Geosciences B S E G
Geoengineering B.GeoE.
Industrial and Systems Engineering B.I.Sy.E.
Materials Science and Engineering B.Mat.S.E.
Mathematics B.S.Math.
Mechanical Engineering B.M.E.
Physics B.S. Phys.
Accounting B.S.B.
Entrepreneurial Management B.S.B.
Finance & Risk Management Insurance B.S.B.
Finance B.S.B.
Human Resources and Industrial Relations B.S.B.
International Business B.S.B.
Management Information Systems B.S.B.
Marketing B.S.B.
Public & Nonprofit Management B.S.B
Supply Chain & Operations Management B.S.B.
Dental Hygiene B.S.D.H.
Mortuary Science B.S.
Nursing B.S.N.
Sociology B.A.
Art B.F.A.
Linguistics B.A.
Psychology B.A.
Media and Information B.A.
Urban Studies B.S.
Anthropology B.S.
User Experience Design B.S.
Business Analytics B.S.B
Public Health B.A.